Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

I made some pants for myself last week…I saw that Megan Nielsen had come out with a new pattern, and since I love her style, I just had to try it right away.

Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

I’d had my eye on some AGF denim linen for quite awhile, so I was so happy that Art Gallery Fabrics was able to sponsor this post! I chose Nectarine Sunrise so I could coordinate with my girls’ new dresses in Parapluie fabric. I talked about the dresses in my last post.  This AGF linen is such great quality.  I love the way it drapes…it is thin and lightweight but still feels substantial enough for spring and summer pants.

Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

The Flint pants have a wide leg and a cross over closure at the side seam. I used the button option, but you can also make them with a cute little bow.  There are release tucks in the front and darts in the back. That sounds scary (at least to me!) but it turns out they are really easy! The hardest part was transfering the pattern markings to the fabric. I used a water soluble fabric pen and that worked great.  Then I just made sure to sew very slowly along the lines according to the pattern instructions.

The pants have slash pockets. The clever pocket on the left is how you get in out of the pants…with two little buttons or the tie option.  I thought this was a really smart way to do a simple closure…this way there’s no zipper front to fuss with but it doesn’t look like a cheater method at all.  It came out very polished without a lot of trouble.

Sizing was pretty easy…I made a size 8 according to the measurements in the size chart. I tried them on before installing the buttons and decided to move them over about 1/2″ to give myself a little breathing room.

Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

On the pattern cover there is a model wearing the Flint pants and the hem falls around mid shin on her. Mine, as you could see, came to my ankles. I did shorten them by 1/2″ more than the pattern said, since I am 5’6″… a little shorter than average. But I am torn on whether or not I should shorten them more… What do you think?

I did come across what seems to be a mistake in the PDF.  The chart that tells you what pages to print (if you don’t want to print every single page) is off by one page. This seems to be due to the title page in the document containing the home printing pages.  What the pattern calls “page 1” is actually page 2 to my computer and printer. So I printed many pages that I didn’t need and had to figure out what pages I was missing.  Not the end of the world, and certainly fixable, but it did cause me a bit of a hang-up in printing out my pattern pages.  So just be aware of this issue if you decide to try out the pattern…

And what about the lovely gingham rayon fabric from Hawthorne Threads that I used for my tank?  I just LOVE the new rayon substrate! All their digitally printed fabric is coming out in a rayon option…I will be blogging some more about that soon.

If you decide to make the Flint pants, I’d love to hear about it! Tag me on Instagram with your photos.

Sophie’s V Back Dress and Parapluie!

Just in time for April showers…I got to makes some dresses using the new Parapluie fabric collection from Hawthorne Threads.

I was so excited to see the new Parapluie fabric from Hawthorne threads and they were so kind to send some to sew up for this sponsored post.  Aren’t these little girls just the sweetest?  I love all the details on their clothes and hair.  I’m a total sucker for fabric with little girls on it…I can never pass it by!

And check out these houses…so simple, yet again with the cleverest details.  Okay, fabric makes me giddy!

For these dresses I made the V back version of Sophie’s pattern from Simple Life Pattern Co.  This pattern is like two in one — last time I made the scoop back version and blogged about it here. I really wanted to try the V back version, too, and I thought it would be perfect with the Parapluie fabric.

I am really happy with how it came out. It is a pretty quick sew, but the V back makes it a little different, elevating it into something special.  You can add ruffles along the neckline for more of a dressy feel, too.

I love the single button closure (I used snaps), it makes it so easy for the girls to get off and on.  Speaking of snaps, I love my new pack of snaps in pastel colors. Now I can match the dress fabric instead of using only white.

My youngest (on the right) picked the houses for her dress because she liked that the raindrops from the bodice were falling on the houses… I love noticing the simple things that make kids happy!

For her skirt I used St. Germain in petal and for the bodice I used part of the raindrops from the border print in my other daughter’s dress (linked below).

My oldest loves to draw girls herself so she really loved seeing these hand-drawn girls on her dress.

For her skirt, I used April Showers Border in Indigo and for the bodice I used Raindrops in Indigo.  I chose the broadcloth substrate for all these fabrics.

I just love how each dress fit the personalities of my girls!

As I’ve mentioned before, the digitally printed fabric has such nice, sharp details.  I think the girls and houses would make for a great wallet or purse for little girls. I have some plans to make coordinating ones soon.

And now for some tips on working with digitally printed cotton fabric.

Digitally printed cotton fabric has great detail, crisp ironed edges, and tends to stay put when you’re working with it. It is a stiffer fabric so it’s great for projects that require some structure. I like it for little girl’s dresses because it makes the skirt stand out a bit, giving it the appearance of more volume without the need for any kind of underskirt.

I’ve used this type of fabric both from Spoonflower and Hawthorne Threads and here are some things I’ve learned:

  • Wash it first in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Use fabric softener to help soften it. I use frangrance free dryer sheets.
  • Iron on cotton setting with steam.
  • Use a sharp, fine needle.
  • Use clips rather than pins when gathering.
  • Choose patterns that would benefit from some structure and don’t call for fabrics that drape.

What about you? Do you have any tips for working with this type of fabric? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

If you decide to make Sophie’s dress with the V back version, I would love to hear about it! Tag me on Instagram with your photos so I can see. 🙂

Happy sewing!


This post contains affiliate links to things that I have used and love.  This means I may get a small percentage of the sale if you click on the link and buy something.



Ladies Magnolia Dress Sewing Pattern Inspiration

I had a chance to make a girly and feminine dress for myself using this lovely large scale floral fabric from Girl Charlee.

I have been a big fan of  Girl Charlee for quite awhile now and I am so thankful to them for sponsoring this post!

A couple weeks ago, I was browsing Pinterest and came across several full length floral knit dresses that I really loved.  They reminded me of some fabric I had seen on Girl Charlee, one of my favorite places to find interesting knits.  They always seem to have something new and exciting!  Every time I visit their website, I’m always left wanting more fabric than I could possibly sew.

So, after much (delightful) pondering, I chose their Mint Peach Big Floral on Navy cotton spandex blend.  It’s a large scale floral with a navy background.

Aren’t the unexpected colors in this print just glorious?

I was really happy to find that the fabric has more of a “dressy” feel than most of the knits that I’m used to.  The texture is smooth and silky, more like a rayon feel. But not too slippery… and it has a good amount of stretch.  It feels really special when you put it on…slightly above “everyday” but not too fancy.

I thought it was the perfect fabric for the Ladies Magnolia dress pattern by Little Lizard King.  I had been looking for a pattern similar to the one I saw on Pinterest…a high, gathered waist, long sleeves, and a high neck. The Ladies Magnolia was just right.

The pattern came together beautifully. I chose a size 8 based on the size chart. The pattern was so easy to follow.  It is written in layers so you only have to print the size you need.  And I only had to print the bodice and sleeve pieces…easy peasy!

Speaking of the sleeve, I chose to make my sleeves slightly longer than the 3/4 length on the pattern. I have made this pattern before and the 3/4 length came right below my elbow. So I decided to make this one slightly longer.

For the skirt, I just used the fabric width for the width of the skirt and cut the length to about 40″.  I only had one seam and placed that at the back of my dress.

This dress is so quick and easy to make, I think I could make about 10 of them to fill out my spring wardrobe! And Girl Charlee has so many pretty knits to choose from, you could get a lot of variety with the same pattern.

If you decide to make this dress or use this fabric, let me know! I would LOVE too see it! Tag me on Instagram and show me a pic or leave a comment below.

Happy sewing!


Free Spirit Dress by Duchess and Hare

Last week I got to be a pattern tester for designer Duchess and Hare!

The Free Spirit dress for girls has the sweetest keyhole back, giving it a pretty, modern style.

I absolutely love the doman sleeves.  They made the dress so quick and easy to sew up…I think the whole thing took me all of two hours.  The sleeves are so pretty in woven cotton.  Wouldn’t they be nice in a woven with some drape to it, like rayon?


I’m getting to the bottom of my Rifle Paper Co stash and I thought the simple design of these dresses really showecased the beauty of this fabric.

The pink dress is Corousel in pink by Rifle Paper Co for Cotton + Steel.  My daughter loves horses, so this was just her style.

The blue dress in Rosa Floral in Navy, also by Rifle Paper Co for Cotton + Steel.

The quality of this cotton fabric is really amazing.  It is thick and has a bit more of a drape to it than a lot of the cotton that I come across. It feels substantial and not at all stiff.  I would love to get more Cotton + Steel fabric…it is definitely on my “want to get lots more of” list!

If you want to try out this pattern, head on over to Duchess and Hare and check out her website! You will find lots of adorable patterns for girls and some sweet dolls as well!

Be sure to let me know if you do! Leave a comment or tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see it!

Sewing for Girls…Soft Floral Dress or Top

My girls just love the comfort of knit dresses and tops. They feel more like store bought clothes and they are so soft, who can blame them?

And with so many beautiful knits by Art Gallery Fabrics, it is easy for me to make them lots of tops and dresses.  Last week, I used Simple Life Pattern Co’s pattern Isla’s Infinity Tunic & Dress.  It such an easy pattern, perfect for all the beautiful knits I want my girls to wear!

The pattern has several options but I chose to keep things very simple in order to showcase the floral fabric.  I chose the drop waist, simple back, gathered skirt, and long sleeves.  I love adding cuffs to my knit sleeves, so that was the only modification that I made to the pattern.

This pattern is such a quick sew, I can make one in an evening.  The bodice is lined so it feels like a very sturdy dress or top when it’s all done.  I think you could even make this into a maxi dress for older girls with no problem (the pattern goes up to size 12).

I’m loving the long sleeved knit florals for spring.  They look and feel so cozy, there’s no need for a sweater in this lovely spring time weather. And my girls never seem to want to put one on, so this way at least their arms are covered!

For the top, I used Millefiori Ethereal from the Ethereal Fusion collection by Art Gallery Fabrics.  I just love the loose flowers with the pinks, blues, and gold.

And for the dress I used AGF’s Bohemian Charms Abloom from their Abloom Fusion collection.  Doesn’t this fabric make for the PERFECT little girl’s dress?  A nice dark color so it doesn’t show the dirt, but still very girly. I may be making one of these for myself soon!


This is my new go-to pattern for everyday dresses for my girls.  They are perfect for school and church…even flower gathering…And of course, sharing sillies with your sister!

How about you? What do you have planned for your next project?  Please let me know in the comments below!  I’m offering my readers 15% off when they buy Bohemian Charms or Millefiori Ethereal from my Etsy fabric shop. Just use the code ISLAPOST (expires 3/16/17)  when you checkout.  Tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your creations, I love to hear!

BTW…This post contains affiliate links…all opinions expressed on my blog are always completely honest. I only write about things I absolutely love.

Fiesta Fun Girls’ Dresses Sewing Inspiration

Last week I made some adorable dresses for my girls using the Nora pattern by Violette Field Threads and Fiesta Fun fabric by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics!

I have been a huge fan of AGF for quite awhile and was so excited that they were able to sponsor this post.  This Fiesta Fun fabric is one of my daughters’ favorites!



I love the way the Nora dress turned out!  The pleated top skirt is such a classic and charming design.  My daughters were so happy with the two layered skirt.  They commented on how it was like an “apron” and want me to make more dresses like these.  Wouldn’t this pattern be perfect for dress up clothes and costumes?


This pattern was a labor of love and I have to say, I’m really proud of my work!  It felt so good to work really hard on something and have it come out exactly the way I wanted it to.  The step by step directions provided by VFTs walked me through the process so easily.  I had never made box pleats before and I found the directions easy to follow.  I chose the simple sleeves for their classic design and the simple underskirt.

The sweet vintage style is one of my favorite things about this pattern.  Everything about this pattern came together so well.  I decided to pin both the skirts first and sew them to the bodice at the same time. That way I could be sure that everything fit together perfectly before I sewed.

I chose the sweetest prints from the Fiesta Fun fabric collection by Dana of Made Everyday.  Dana has been a bit of a hero of mine for several years now. Her sewing tutorials and videos were a big influencer when I started to sew again a couple years ago.  My prior sewing experience was all with commercial patterns when I took sewing lessons in middle school.  But Dana’s enthusiasm for sewing projects is contagious!  If someone can get me excited about making bias tape, they have to be pretty special, right?


Dana’s bold use of color really inspired me for these dresses. I had so much fun picking out prints from the Siesta colorway.  I chose Florita Azul and Papel Picado Naranja for one dress and Citrus Sunset and Papel Picado Verde for the other.  For their socks, I used the knit Desert Flor Spring.  The sock pattern I used is from Peek-a-boo Patterns Cozy Critter Socks (affiliate link).  Aren’t they adorable?  I want to make coordinating socks for all my girls’ dresses!


And how about these sailor bows? I think they go especially well with this vintage style dress.  I keep coming back to Natalie Malan’s pattern for these.

These bright and cheerful colors are just perfect for spring and summer. What would you make with the beautiful fabric?  Let me know in the comments or find me on Instagram.  I’d love to hear from you!




women's waterfall raglan

Sewing Day! Learn to Make The Waterfall Raglan Top or Dress

Want to learn how to sew your own clothes?  We’re having a…

Sewing Day!

Learn to sew the Waterfall Raglan

Who: No prior sewing experience necessary!  Class is open to all women and teens who want to learn how to sew.

women's waterfall raglan

What we’ll make: The Waterfall Raglan is a relaxed knit top or dress with a gathered ruffle hem. The sleeve is a slim sleeve fit with three sleeve options: short, 3/4 and long sleeve, along with a small pocket option. You will be able to purchase the pattern for women or girls (or both). The instructions are the same for all the sizes.

Class size is limited so sign up early!

waterfall raglan sewing pattern

Date: Saturday, April 1

Time: 9am -2pm

Location: Jen’s house in Shingle Springs

Cost: $30*

What’s included:

Instruction on how to make the Waterfall Raglan from start to finish…hopefully everyone will go home with their finished piece!

Use of regular sewing machine and Serger

Snacks and lunch provided

*Price does not include the sewing pattern. You’ll need to purchase your PDF pattern before the class (pattern coupon code coming soon!).  You can choose the women’s pattern, girl’s pattern, or the bundle.

What to Bring:


Printed pattern pieces*

Sewing Tools: fabric scissors, paper scissors, pins, pattern weights (you can make your own!)

Optional tools: thread scissors, cutting mat

*I will provide details for purchasing fabric and printing your pattern pieces via e-mail after you sign up for the class. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions before signing up.

Simply click the link below to sign up. Have any questions? Contact me any time!

Girls dress patterns

Girl’s Dress Pattern…Sophie’s Scoop Back with Riviera Fabric

Last week I got to play with the beautiful Riviera collection fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  It was the perfect choice for Sophie’s dress pattern from Simple Life Pattern Co.

Girls dress patterns

I have long been in love with Hawthorne Threads and am so glad they were able to sponsor this post. We just love these adorable dresses!

Sophie by SLOCo

We are all set for spring here with these gorgeous dresses. The colors are perfect and my girls felt so special when they put them on with their matching bows.

The digitally printed fabric from Hawthorne Threads has amazing color and details. I chose Promenade in Indigo and Wisteria from the Riviera collection for these dresses. I was really impressed with how crisp the outlines were from the digital printing process.  And the colors are spot on…I especially love this shade of blue, it is gorgeous in person.  I really like the slight stiffness of the fabric for these dresses. It gives some body to the dress, but is still comfortable. It also worked really well for the matching sailor bows. This is the perfect fabric for making sailor bows (and I’ve tried many)!

hawthorne threads riviera

Sophie’s V & Scoop Back Top & Dress pattern by Simple Life Pattern Co is my new go-to for “fancy” dress patterns in this house.  The scoop back is definitely on trend and I just love how pretty it is on my girls.  The sweet little buttons (I used snaps) and no frills sash is perfect for my girls, who aren’t really in to ruffles.  I can’t wait to try the V back option as well.

Speaking of options…the pattern actually has four sleeve options, so it would be useful for any season.  It comes in sizes 2T-12, so we will be able to use it for many years.  The pattern itself came together beautifully. I loved the layered printing option, it makes it so much easier to be able to print just one size.  I actually only had to print the bodice and the sleeve pieces…the measurement chart tells you what size rectangles to cut for the skirt and sash pieces.  AND…they even put the measurement chart right on the bodice piece, so no more looking back and forth between the cutting mat and the computer! Love it!!

I also love that SLPCo uses real pictures in their tutorial directions. It makes it so easy for me to just look at a picture with real fabric when I’m sewing.  They also give just the right amount of directions…simple and concise information about what to do next without a lot of extra reading.  Thank You!!

I (almost) always have my girls try on their dresses before I hem them, so I usually leave hemming to the last step.  That way, if anyone has had a little growth spurt, I can save myself from making it too short.

I’m always looking at Hawthorne Threads digitally printed fabric because they have new designs coming out all the time.  I love their newsletters (really!) because they keep me updated on all the latest fabric…and they seem to have everything! Whenever I need to order cotton fabric, they are my go-to because their stock is pretty comprehensive.  And their newsletters are really well designed with carefully chosen patterns that would work well with the latest fabric.

And check out these beautiful samples of some of their other digitally printed collections.  This is their Meadowlark collection. How perfect are these colors? I would LOVE to make my girls some dresses in these. But couldn’t you also see a gorgeous quilt for a girl’s room?

Hawthorne threads

And here is their Kingdom collection.  This is so sweet…I could see a quilt for a girl’s room, dresses, pillow covers, and more!

What would you make with these fabrics? I’d love to hear in the comments or follow me on Instagram and share over there. If you decide to make the Sophie dress pattern, share that with me too, I love to see them!

This post contains affiliate links for things that I love!

waterfall raglan sewing inspiration

The Waterfall Raglan Girls Top + A Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Stylish Fabric and Chalk and Notch Patterns.

waterfall raglan sewing pattern

waterfall raglan sewing inspiration

Today I’m so happy to share with you this adorable and oh so versatile sewing pattern for girls, The Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch!

You may have noticed that this top looks very similar to one that I was wearing a few posts back. This is the girl’s version of the same top!  After I made the top for myself, I knew I had to get the girls’ pattern so I could make tops and dresses for my daughters.  They love to match with each other and I know they would be excited to match with me…but I will have to save that for a “mommy and me” post in the future!

This pattern is one of my favorites. It is so simple and well made.  The pattern comes with options for a top or a dress and it comes in three sleeve lengths…perfect for any season.  It even comes with the option to add a little pocket, which my daughters love, of course. You can’t see it in all the photos, but I made the coral one with the little pocket…such a sweet finishing touch.

The pattern itself is a dream to work with.  This time around I noticed even more details that make it so professional and easy to follow.  It includes a page print chart so you don’t have to figure out what pages to print for the view and size that you need. It also has detailed instructions on how to make custom adjustments if your child needs different sizes for her height and width. I made a size 6 for both of my girls but it won’t be long until I’ll be needing to make my oldest daughter’s bigger in height than in width. So, I’ll definitely be using this handy feature!  And since the pattern covers sizes 12 months to girls 12, I’ll be able to use it for a long time.

It is designed to be made with light to medium weight knit fabrics.  In these photos, my girls are wearing the crushed velvet by Stylish Fabric.  This fabric is so pretty, easy to work with, and excellent quality.  I chose the colors blue steel and coral chic.  My girls love how soft it is…they felt very special when they put it on.  They immediately requested that I make two in each color so they could be “twins.”  How cute is that?

One little tip on working with this fabric…remember that velvet is directional. If you flip your pattern pieces when cutting them out, you will be able to tell in the way the nap reflects light.  I think I knew this back in my brain somewhere, but forgot when I was cutting out one of the tops (it’s not one of the tops in these photos).  You can hardly tell, and my girls don’t care, but just in case you didn’t know…you can learn from my mistakes!

I just love this stretchy crushed velvet…I’m thinking about getting some to make leggings for myself.  To help you get started on your next stretch velvet project, Stylish Fabric is offering 15% off when you use the code JEN at checkout.  How fun is that?  Their prices are already awesome and I always find lots of inspiration whenever I visit their website.

SO, is there a little girl in your life who would love to wear this top?  Let us know in the comments and then enter the giveaway to win your copy of the Waterfall Raglan pattern for girls.  Good luck!

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