Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

I made some pants for myself last week…I saw that Megan Nielsen had come out with a new pattern, and since I love her style, I just had to try it right away.

Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

I’d had my eye on some AGF denim linen for quite awhile, so I was so happy that Art Gallery Fabrics was able to sponsor this post! I chose Nectarine Sunrise so I could coordinate with my girls’ new dresses in Parapluie fabric. I talked about the dresses in my last post.  This AGF linen is such great quality.  I love the way it drapes…it is thin and lightweight but still feels substantial enough for spring and summer pants.

Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

The Flint pants have a wide leg and a cross over closure at the side seam. I used the button option, but you can also make them with a cute little bow.  There are release tucks in the front and darts in the back. That sounds scary (at least to me!) but it turns out they are really easy! The hardest part was transfering the pattern markings to the fabric. I used a water soluble fabric pen and that worked great.  Then I just made sure to sew very slowly along the lines according to the pattern instructions.

The pants have slash pockets. The clever pocket on the left is how you get in out of the pants…with two little buttons or the tie option.  I thought this was a really smart way to do a simple closure…this way there’s no zipper front to fuss with but it doesn’t look like a cheater method at all.  It came out very polished without a lot of trouble.

Sizing was pretty easy…I made a size 8 according to the measurements in the size chart. I tried them on before installing the buttons and decided to move them over about 1/2″ to give myself a little breathing room.

Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen

On the pattern cover there is a model wearing the Flint pants and the hem falls around mid shin on her. Mine, as you could see, came to my ankles. I did shorten them by 1/2″ more than the pattern said, since I am 5’6″… a little shorter than average. But I am torn on whether or not I should shorten them more… What do you think?

I did come across what seems to be a mistake in the PDF.  The chart that tells you what pages to print (if you don’t want to print every single page) is off by one page. This seems to be due to the title page in the document containing the home printing pages.  What the pattern calls “page 1” is actually page 2 to my computer and printer. So I printed many pages that I didn’t need and had to figure out what pages I was missing.  Not the end of the world, and certainly fixable, but it did cause me a bit of a hang-up in printing out my pattern pages.  So just be aware of this issue if you decide to try out the pattern…

And what about the lovely gingham rayon fabric from Hawthorne Threads that I used for my tank?  I just LOVE the new rayon substrate! All their digitally printed fabric is coming out in a rayon option…I will be blogging some more about that soon.

If you decide to make the Flint pants, I’d love to hear about it! Tag me on Instagram with your photos.

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