Girls dress patterns

Girl’s Dress Pattern…Sophie’s Scoop Back with Riviera Fabric

Last week I got to play with the beautiful Riviera collection fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  It was the perfect choice for Sophie’s dress pattern from Simple Life Pattern Co.

Girls dress patterns

I have long been in love with Hawthorne Threads and am so glad they were able to sponsor this post. We just love these adorable dresses!

Sophie by SLOCo

We are all set for spring here with these gorgeous dresses. The colors are perfect and my girls felt so special when they put them on with their matching bows.

The digitally printed fabric from Hawthorne Threads has amazing color and details. I chose Promenade in Indigo and Wisteria from the Riviera collection for these dresses. I was really impressed with how crisp the outlines were from the digital printing process.  And the colors are spot on…I especially love this shade of blue, it is gorgeous in person.  I really like the slight stiffness of the fabric for these dresses. It gives some body to the dress, but is still comfortable. It also worked really well for the matching sailor bows. This is the perfect fabric for making sailor bows (and I’ve tried many)!

hawthorne threads riviera

Sophie’s V & Scoop Back Top & Dress pattern by Simple Life Pattern Co is my new go-to for “fancy” dress patterns in this house.  The scoop back is definitely on trend and I just love how pretty it is on my girls.  The sweet little buttons (I used snaps) and no frills sash is perfect for my girls, who aren’t really in to ruffles.  I can’t wait to try the V back option as well.

Speaking of options…the pattern actually has four sleeve options, so it would be useful for any season.  It comes in sizes 2T-12, so we will be able to use it for many years.  The pattern itself came together beautifully. I loved the layered printing option, it makes it so much easier to be able to print just one size.  I actually only had to print the bodice and the sleeve pieces…the measurement chart tells you what size rectangles to cut for the skirt and sash pieces.  AND…they even put the measurement chart right on the bodice piece, so no more looking back and forth between the cutting mat and the computer! Love it!!

I also love that SLPCo uses real pictures in their tutorial directions. It makes it so easy for me to just look at a picture with real fabric when I’m sewing.  They also give just the right amount of directions…simple and concise information about what to do next without a lot of extra reading.  Thank You!!

I (almost) always have my girls try on their dresses before I hem them, so I usually leave hemming to the last step.  That way, if anyone has had a little growth spurt, I can save myself from making it too short.

I’m always looking at Hawthorne Threads digitally printed fabric because they have new designs coming out all the time.  I love their newsletters (really!) because they keep me updated on all the latest fabric…and they seem to have everything! Whenever I need to order cotton fabric, they are my go-to because their stock is pretty comprehensive.  And their newsletters are really well designed with carefully chosen patterns that would work well with the latest fabric.

And check out these beautiful samples of some of their other digitally printed collections.  This is their Meadowlark collection. How perfect are these colors? I would LOVE to make my girls some dresses in these. But couldn’t you also see a gorgeous quilt for a girl’s room?

Hawthorne threads

And here is their Kingdom collection.  This is so sweet…I could see a quilt for a girl’s room, dresses, pillow covers, and more!

What would you make with these fabrics? I’d love to hear in the comments or follow me on Instagram and share over there. If you decide to make the Sophie dress pattern, share that with me too, I love to see them!

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    Your girls look so pretty! The dresses are awesome. I love the Kindgom collection. I think I would re-do my daughter’s bedroom with it. Maybe some throw pillows and a valance?

    • - Post author

      Thank you, Felicia! That would be gorgeous! Those would be such pretty and classic updates for her room.

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