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T-shirt Dress Pattern by Brindille & Twig

t-shirt dress

I have been a big fan of Brindille & Twig for quite awhile now. Melissa makes adorable sewing patterns for baby and little kids. I just love using knit fabrics to sew for this age. My daughters are five and eight and really started loving my sewing creations when I started using more knits.

knit dress for girls

I have several Brindille & Twig patterns and they are my go-to patterns for baby gifts. They are so easy to use, with just the right amount of instructions.  The sizing is always spot on and I know that every time I use one of these patterns, it’s going to come out great!

I used the T-Shirt Dress Pattern to make these dresses for my daughters. They love the long sleeves and my oldest even commented how she liked the tightness of these sleeves…not too loose.  The pattern is very easy to follow.  It includes instructions for sewing with and without a serger.  I always use a zigzag stitch with knits if I can’t use my serger.

I love that my girls can be comfortable but still adorable in these gorgeous knits by Art Gallery Fabrics.

This dress is made using Paradis Sweet in Knit from Bari J’s Joie de Vivre collection. I think I could use every single print in this entire collection, Bari J’s work is just stunning.

girls knit dress

The next dress below is also made from gorgeous fabric designed by Bari J. This is Bougainvillea Evergreen in Knit from her Sage collection.  I think I could find something to made with every print from this collection as well!  The color combinations are really uniqe and spot on with current trends. And you can see the influence of her palette painting technique in many of them.


girls knit dress pattern

I think the simplicity of this dress pattern really shows off the beauty of these fabrics. Simple accesories such as a handmade cowl or scarf are a fun finishing touch.  I will have to write out this infinity scarf pattern for a future blog post so you can crochet your own.

Thanks for looking! Who would you sew the T-shirt dress pattern for?

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