Hartley crochet sweater pattern

The Hartley Sweater Crochet Pattern

Today I’m excited to announce my newest design: The Hartley Crochet Pattern for women!

Hartley crochet sweater pattern by Teal & Finch

I wanted to create a sweater that made a bold statement and was a lot of fun to wear. And, I have to say, this one certainly fits the bill!

Crocheting bobbles is one of my favorite things…and I knew I wanted to go big with them. I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately and I really like the feminine yet playful look they provide.

The Hartley crochet pattern has a circular yoke, which you may have guessed is one of my favorite design techniques. You can try it on as you go and easily adjust sizing for the perfect fit.

Maybe the best part this sweater is the super bulky yarn. Combine that with the shorter length and you might be able to make this sweater in a weekend. Bring on the movies and hot chocolate! (Doesn’t that sound like the perfect winter weekend?)

The pattern has 5 sizes from women’s XS to 4X and comes with links to 6 videos to help you along the way. So a confident beginner could definitely rock this sweater.

I hope you enjoy and share your makes with me, I love to see them! @tealandfinch

Purchase the pattern on Etsy.

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Purchase the pattern on Love Crochet.

Want more super bulky sweater patterns? Check out the Cozy Day sweater. There’s one for women and one for kids, too.

The Cozy Day Crochet Pullover

I have a super warm and cozy pattern for women to share with you today: The Cozy Day Crochet Pullover!

cozy day pullover crochet pattern

Because it’s January and time for some super bulky yarn…even in Northern California… it’s COLD.

I love this pullover because it works up FAST and is seriously WARM. The short length makes it even quicker without sacrificing warmth.

The Cozy Day Crochet sweater is a drop shoulder pattern, so the front and back are two rectangles. The front neck has simple shaping for a beautiful ballet neckline.

There is a link to a video in the pattern to give you a visual of how to work the neckline finishing. You can check that out here.

Side vents are easy to create with the back being longer than the front – I just love this look!

The women’s pattern includes SIX sizes from XS to 2X.

There is also a separate children’s pattern which includes sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. So you can make one for yourself and a matching one for your favorite little person. Or give them as a gift to the girls in your life.

Cozy day pullover child

My daughter loves how warm and cozy hers is. Plus of course matching with mom is the best.

I hope you enjoy and stay cozy! Share your makes with me on Instagram @tealandfinch. I LOVE to see them!

Women’s Pattern Links:

Purchase the Cozy Day Pullover on Etsy.

Purchase the Cozy Day Pullover on Ravelry.

Purchase the Cozy Day Pullover on Love Crochet.

Kids Pattern Links:

Purchase the Cozy Day Pullover on Etsy.

Purchase the Cozy Day Pullover on Ravelry.

Purchase the Cozy Day Pullover on Love Crochet.

Do you love working with super bulky yarn? Me too! The Snuggle Up crochet sweater is also made with super bulky yarn.

The Willow Crochet Cardigan

I have a fun new pattern for kids to share with you today: The Willow Crochet Cardigan for babies and kids!

Willow Cardigan pattern

I wanted to make a long cardigan for my daughters. I think they see my long sweaters and wish they had one too, so I decided to make one that went past their hips that they could wear with jeans.

Kids cardigan pattern

The Willow cardigan features simple crossed double crochets worked with DK weight yarn. I used squishy soft merino, my absolute favorite type of yarn. I love the way it squishes and it ends up being so warm and cozy.

The circular yoke pattern is great for kids because you can try it on as you go. My daughters always cringe when I need to try it on them *again* but they are used to it by now!

The The Willow Crochet Cardigan pattern includes SIX sizes from babies to youth 14, so you can make one for all your favorite kiddos. I hope you enjoy!

Purchase the pattern on Etsy.

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Purchase the pattern on Love Crochet.

For more crochet patterns for kids, check out the Dahlia Sweater, it’s one of my most popular!

Crochet Vest Pattern with Jumbo Yarn

Hi Crochet Friends! Today I’m happy to share with you a new crochet vest pattern in 3 sizes made with jumbo yarn.

Crochet Vest Pattern with Jumbo Yarn

This layering piece made from jumbo/giant yarn is a quick and easy make!  I love it for wearing over other sweaters or just with a t-shirt and jeans.  The pattern includes three sizes: child, women’s regular, and plus size.  As you can see, the vest has a loose fit and can be worn with 4-10″ positive ease.

It’s a very quick and easy project, just in time for gift-giving or a wardrobe update for yourself. The crochet pattern calls for a P/15mm crochet hook and giant/jumbo yarn.  I used Lana Grossa Estremo, which I got from LoveCrochet. Unfortunately, it is no longer available there.  However, you are sure to find other jumbo yarn that call for a P hook (I found one here.)

The beginner-friendly pattern is easy to follow and great for fall/winter layering. I hope you enjoy and share your makes with me!

Buy the pattern on Etsy.

Buy the pattern on Ravelry.

Buy the pattern on LoveCrochet.

Share your work on Instagram with #tealandfinch.

Enjoy! Happy crocheting!

P.S. If you love super bulky yarn and want to make yourself a sweater, take a look at the Snuggle Up Sweater. It’s one of my most popular designs!

Dahlia sweater by Teal and Finch-6694

Dahlia Crochet Sweater Pattern Update

Today I’m excited to share with you an update my Dahlia crochet sweater pattern!

Dahlia Crochet Sweater Pattern

I love this sweet sweater with the layers of puff stitches around the neckline.  The wrist puffs just add that extra finishing touch to make this sweater really special.

Dahlia sweater by Teal and Finch-6694

You can see all the features and details in the original blog post that came out when I first published the Dahlia pattern.  Not much has changed, just a few tweaks here and there. The changes focus mainly on the women’s sleeve and a small adjustment to the body and sleeve division.

Dahlia sweater by Teal and Finch-6696

Did you know there’s also a baby version of the pattern? The Dahlia baby features a back neck slit with button closure to accommodate baby’s head.  So you can truly make this sweater in just about every size.

Dahlia Baby

I hope you enjoy!

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Today we have a new easy everyday crochet cardigan pattern to share with you all! Maylee is such a cozy, beginner friendly sweater and it whips up very quickly.

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

I love the longer style and casual, no buttons opening. It’s great for layering and creating a relaxed look.  This is my go-to style for winter, so I decided to design one that I would love to wear every day!

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

The Maylee pattern calls for bulky yarn, so this sweater is a fairly quick project. Faster than crocheting a blanket, which I no longer seem to have the patience for…sad!

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

The drop shoulder design features five panels that are sewn together as you go.  Two sets of panels are exactly the same, making things even easier.  Included in the pattern are women’s sizes XS, S, M/L, XL, and 2X, perfect for making one for yourself and one for a friend.

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Shown here is Knit Picks Simply Wool in the color Wilbur. I loved working with this yarn. It was easy to work with and I’m finding it to wear very well, too. I’ve never had a wool sweater before and I like it!

Easy Everyday Crochet Cardigan Pattern

The only supplies you’ll need is a 7mm crochet hook (or size to get gauge) and a tapestry needle. I really like using these sewing clips to hold the pieces when I sewed the panels together. But those are optional, of course.  I also like to use stitch markers to keep track of counting rows. Or tally marks scrawled on the pattern page work, too!

Maylee Crochet Sweater Pattern

If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it goes!

You can find the pattern on Etsy.

Or on Ravelry, of course.

And my growing favorite place to find yarn and patterns, Love Crochet.

Thanks for reading, my crochet friends. I hope you enjoy!

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

Emmeline Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Hi crochet friends! I’m so excited to introduce to you today the Emmeline Cardigan Crochet Pattern!

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

I’ve had this pattern in the works for quite awhile and I’m so happy to finally get to share it with you because I think it is so special.

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

I learned how to design circular yoke sweaters a few months ago and I know many of you have enjoyed the Dahlia pullover. My dream was to create a really beautiful cardigan that was unique and inspiring while not being too difficult or complex.

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

I like it when a pattern keeps me on my toes, but isn’t too overwhelming. So I designed this cardigan to have one thing to think about at a time. The increases are simplified because they only happen in single crochet rows. The crossed doubles give something different to do while building up the yoke and sleeves.

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

Then comes the woven stitch–the highlight of this sweater. The woven stitch pattern accents the waist and creates a pretty edge while building up the even rows at the bottom of the body and cuffs.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with these stitches, the pattern includes links to two videos that walk you through them step by step. You only need to know basic stitches such as chaining, single crochet, double crochet.

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

I really like how it turned out!  This sweater is great for wearing with a dress or skirt to church, out to dinner…anytime I need an extra layer on top of something pretty and feminine.

Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern

I hope you enjoy!

The pattern comes in women’s sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X and is available on the Love Crochet website.

Purchase the Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern on Ravelry.

Purchase the Emmeline Cardigan crochet pattern on Etsy.

Yarn used in photos: Paintbox Cotton DK

Medina market tote crochet pattern

Medina Market Tote Crochet Pattern and Free Video Course

Today I’m so happy to share the Medina Market Tote Crochet Pattern with you all! Read on to find out how you can learn how to crochet in my free step by step video course.

I love this cute bag because it is so useful and fun to make.

You could definitely crochet this bag in a weekend (maybe even several bags!).

This is a great project for beginners because you only need to know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.

This bag is designed with sturdy handles and a reinforced bottom so your bag will last longer!

Medina market tote crochet pattern

Market bags can be used for so many things:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • light books
  • drawing/art supplies
  • fill it with goodies for a housewarming gift
  • use it for a get well basket
  • keeping things organized
  • if you have other ideas, please share!

Medina market tote crochet pattern

I have to talk about this fabric yarn, that I really love.  This yarn is made from recycled fibers from the garment industry and is 80% cotton.  It’s very durable and therefore perfect for things like bags, totes, purses, and backpacks. It’s also super bulky so it works up very quickly.  Plus, it’s easy to find. The Love Crochet website has this Hoooked RibbonXL in a ton of beautiful colors. Wouldn’t it be fun to make one in every color?

Plus, if you’re a beginner, I will walk you through every single step in my FREE video course! In the videos, I will teach you how to crochet and make this bag step by step. There are 13 short videos (like 1-3 minutes each) that are clearly organized so you can even skip to the part that you need help on.  If you just need help in certain parts, no need to watch a long 20 minute video to find the part that you need help on.

Take a peek at the intro video:

I’ve organized each round and step clearly in the video titles so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.  I really love Skillshare for the ability to do just that.  It’s so easy to save time and learn how to crochet when the videos are organized this way. So go check it out!

If you already know how to crochet and just want to purchase the pattern, you can do that too!

Purchase the Medina Market Tote Crochet Pattern on Etsy.

Purchase the Medina Market Tote Crochet Pattern on Ravelry.

round purse crochet pattern

Celestial Crossbody Bag Crochet Pattern

Today I have a fun new Crochet Pattern to share with you!  The Celestial Crossbody Bag is a quick and easy weekend project, not to mention a great accessory update!

Round Purse Crochet Pattern

(Be sure to check out the end of this post where I tell you how you can access the pattern for FREE.)

I wanted to design a purse that had a unique shape and would go with anything.  This little purse could easily be dressed up or down. Plus, it’s a fast enough project that you could make it in several colors to go with anything in your closet.

I wanted a durable yarn for this purse, so I chose fabric yarn. This yarn is great because it’s made from recycled fabric scraps. So it acts more like clothing than yarn, and it’s giving new life to what would’ve otherwise been trash.  I like that is won’t fuzz out or get worn out the way regular yarn will, so it’s great for bags of any kind.

I got mine from We Are Knitters.* It’s called The Tape, and the best part is you only need one skein! So it’s easy to make two (or three…) This little purse would make a great gift! Who wouldn’t love a little round purse like this?

*If you want, you can use my referral code to save $12 on your first purchase from
We are Knitters: MGM9G37N6 (thank you!).

round purse crochet pattern

The purse comes with a long strap and I love that you could tie a knot in the end to make it shorter, so versatile. And no need to buy anything else for this project–it closes with a braided tassel that goes through a hole in the front, easy!

Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at Craftsy.com
I hope you enjoy the Celestial Crossbody Bag Crochet Pattern! I know I sure did. I really want to make more as soon as I can.

There are several ways to access this pattern. You can purchase the pattern only on one of the websites below:

Purchase the pattern on Etsy.

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

OR, you can watch a FULL VIDEO COURSE on how to crochet the round purse AND download the pattern (for FREE) by signing up for my class on Skillshare.  You’ll be able to watch 10 videos where I walk you through every step of the way.  Then, download the PDF and keep it for your reference. The best part is the first two months are free! There’s no obligation when you use my referral link. Enjoy!

Here’s a little sneak peak of the intro video:

Be sure to tag me with your photos when you make your bag, I love to see them! @tealandfinch #tealandfinch

BTW, If you want to see another way to use this fabric yarn, check out my doll backpack carrier pattern. The little girls in your life will be sure to love it!